The Ghana Club 100 (GC100), an annual compilation of the top 100 companies in

Ghana to give due recognition to successful enterprise building, was launched by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) in 1998. The GC 100 is about corporate excellence. Companies making it into the GC 100 are to serve as role models for the private sector and provide a forum for corporate Ghana to interact with the government at a high level. The objective of the GC 100 is to:

    • Develop an open information culture within the Ghanaian corporate sector
    • Provide incentives for improved corporate performance
    • Develop a uniform criteria for evaluating corporate performance
    • Establish an annual and current analysis of Ghana’s corporate sector

The 2009 GC 100 rankings is the tenth edition of the GC 100 magazine. Due to unforeseen circumstances GIPC was unableto launch the 2006 and 2007 GC 100.