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Investing In 1D1F – How B5 Plus Is Positioning Ghana As A Net Exporter Of Iron And Steel Products

Featuring prominently in governments priority developmental programs and now a household term is the one-district-one-factory (1D1F) initiative- touted as the nostrum for unraveling Ghana’s industrial revolution.

The reasoning behind the concept is simple-Government will support existing companies or private sector investors to set up factories in various districts across the country, to stimulate economic growth, better utilize resources and create jobs.

So far, the project appears to be on track with the one-district-one-factory secretariat reporting that about 170 factories were at various stages of completion. Out of this number, a total of 28 Factories have been completed and operating fully as 1D1F projects while government has partnered the private sector to either expand or revive existing companies, bringing the total number of operational companies under the 1D1F and private partnerships to 76.

B5 Plus Company Limited, one of Ghana’s biggest steel and metal fabrication companies has been a beneficiary of the 1D1F initiative. Situated around the Kpone barrier, the company produces over 4000 iron and steel products such as nails, wire mesh, iron rods, roofing sheets etc. Two decades of existence has made B5 Plus a household brand an exporter of steel to countries within the west African sub region. “we started nearly two decades ago importing and selling steel products. Today we are the biggest metal factory in Ghana and our products are not only sold here but supplied to 15 other countries within the sub region” said Mukesh Thakwani the CEO and founder of B5 Plus Company limited when a team from the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) visited the factory.