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Investment Opportunities

Ghana has a reputation for producing high quality, traditionally designed printed cloth. The widely celebrated Kente cloth of the Ashanti and Ewe people are hand-woven and brightly coloured with traditional symbols and design.

African textiles have gained an international reputation for their patterns, but national branding had not been promoted heavily in the past. Promoting high quality, traditionally designed fabrics as "Made in Ghana" appeal to the niche USA markets that manufacturers are beginning to serve.

The following investment opportunities are available:

  • Production

Textile companies to set up factories in Ghana to produce for the US market.

  • Marketing and Distribution

Buyers and sellers to make exploratory visits to Ghana and request trial orders.

Textile manufacturers to set up factories in Ghana to supply fabrics.

  • Raw Materials

Fabric suppliers to supply raw material requirements for Ghanaian textile manufacturers.

  • Technological and Supporting Services

Suppliers of textile manufacturing equipment to supply the Ghanaian market on a sustainable basis.

Need for suppliers and financiers of factory building technology.