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Investment Opportunities


Investment opportunities exist in the following areas;

  • Production of improved seeds and agro-chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides)
  • Processing of some agricultural produce.
  • Production of all agricultural products such as cash crops, horticultural crops and livestock for the national, regional and European Union (E.U) markets.
  • Production of veterinary drugs, vaccines and chemicals, feed and feed ingredients for the livestock sector.
  • Fish farming
  • Production of wood and non-timber forest products (NTFP)
  • Establishment of pulp paper and panel industries
  • Establishment of wood plantations
  • Provision of tree seedlings for plantation species e.g. teak 


Technological and Supporting Services

 Investment opportunities exist in the following areas;

  • Provision of tractors with basic implements, planters and harvesters
  • Provision of field and laboratory equipment for quality assurance
  • Companies to produce and  install cold chain equipment
  • Supply of  machinery to establish hatcheries for day-old chicks
  • Processing machine manufacturers to supply agro-processing and packaging equipments/ plants
  • Suppliers and financiers of factory building technology
  • Manufacturers of fishing nets, ropes, netting materials, outboard motors and other fishing inputs to fishers.
  •  Development of aquaculture production facility (cage and earthen pond).
  • Producers of fish feed
  • Technological and consulting services
  • Research and  agriculture development services
  • Inspection and grading according to international standards to make the deliveries acceptable in international markets
  • Capacity building on standards, training and certification


 Marketing and Distribution

Investment opportunities exist in the following areas;

  • Companies to provide post-production services (transport, packaging, storage facilities and cold vans)
  • Companies to provide distribution of improved seeds, planting materials and agro-chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides).
  • Distribution of veterinary drugs, vaccines and chemicals, feed and feed ingredients.
  • Companies to market processed foods in international markets such as the EU, Asia and ECOWAS markets.