• Investment Projects

     Establishment of a high-quality cassava (manioc) flour processing facility in light of existing demand


    Name of the company

    E.A. Taylor Ghana Ltd



    Nature of business

    Processing of cassava (manioc) into High Quality Cassava Flour


    Status/ Intention  



    Type of cooperation sought

    Equity/ Loan (US$ 1 million)



    A well-established cassava (manioc) processing company located in a raw material hub in the Ashanti region of Ghana seeks to engage in the production of high quality/high grade cassava flour in view of existing demand for the product in the country.

    Flour based products have been important ingredients in the diet for many Ghanaians living in towns and cities. The major raw material, wheat flour, which is imported and is relatively expensive, could be partially substituted (at least up to 30%) with high grade cassava flour.  Commercial use of cassava is also increasing because of increases in urban demand for processed cassava products and increased recognition of its industrial potential. The country imports about 850,000 MT of wheat flour annually with the country producing just about 1000 MT of high-quality cassava flour.  With the gap, the company seeks to expand its existing facility in order to take advantage of the opportunity by processing fresh cassava (from the company’s plantation and its out growers) into high quality cassava flour and industrial flour for industries in Ghana.  The project which will be beneficial to farmers and players in the bakery, pharmaceutical, brewery, paper and wood processing industries, will also complement Government’s effort in reducing the importation of high-grade cassava flour and industrial flour into the country. 


    The project sponsor, E.A. Taylor Ghana Ltd, is a private limited liability company incorporated in Ghana (2006) and is located near Mampong in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The company has since its inception been engaged in cassava cultivation and processing into flakes (gari). It seeks to acquire new and more efficient machinery to be able to engage in the processing of high-quality cassava flour for the local and export markets.