Young Entrepreneurs Need the Right Business Attitude to Succeed – Yofi Grant

Mr. Yofi Grant, CEO, GIPC

The Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), as part of efforts to empower the youth and create billionaires who will become major investors in the economy, has organised an entrepreneurship forum with a call on young entrepreneurs to be focused, disciplined and determined.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the GIPC, Yofi Grant, being an entrepreneur does not come on a silver platter, hence it requires a lot of sacrifices and the right attitude.

He stressed that financing a venture is not the most critical when it comes to building a business, but the “right attitude and a winning and unique selling proposition”.

“We’ve heard from people who started their businesses from nothing and have made it. They didn’t ask for help from anybody. They focused on their products, they focused on their services and they’ve created great businesses,” he emphasised.

For young entrepreneurs to succeed in their endeavours and build great brands that compete in the market, Mr. Grant advised that they stop complaining and develop the attitude of problem-solving.

“The entrepreneurs’ job is solving a problem not echoing a problem. The entrepreneur’s job is bringing a solution to a problem and not about complaining,” he urged.

About Young Entrepreneurs Forum 

As the first of its kind, the Young Entrepreneurs Forum is an initiative of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) which offers the opportunity for start-ups to learn about the work and GIPC’s relationship with entrepreneurs.

The forum brought together diplomats and business owners who shared their experiences with more than the hundred (100) young entrepreneurs who were present at the event.

Participants were also taken through procedures and strategies needed by young entrepreneurs to prepare for business partnerships.

There was also a mentoring session for the participants by successful business owners.

Explaining the significance of the forum in an interview with, Mr. Yofi Grant said the Young Entrepreneurs Forum forms part of GIPC’s efforts to support start-ups to grow into bigger businesses.

He said the forum will be organised annually together with other programmes to help the emerging entrepreneurs compete with the international market.

“We’re thinking of doing an exhibition for innovationists and entrepreneurs in Ghana and then we continue from there. We’ll create a space for them to be exposed. We’ll push some of them. We want to make them go from where they are to global,” Mr. Grant emphasised.



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